Turbo/Boost Timing Effects on Max Motor RPM

As I could not find anything on the web for the specific effect of turbo/boost timing on the max motor rpm, I decided to test it for myself.
Links to parts used at the bottom of the article.

Test parameters:

  • ESC: Hobbywing XeRun V3.1
    Motor: Hobbywing Bandit G2 10.5t
  • Increments of 5
  • Battery (SMC 7200 True Spec Premium) was fully charged at the start. Yes, I probably should’ve just cycled my batteries to keep the voltage level at constant full charge for the test.
  • Full throttle for 10 seconds

I took the max rpm reading from the Hobbywing program card. I compared it to the reading from the WiFi module and they came out the same.


  • Rpm increase was fairly linear until after 25 degrees of timing.
  • The rpm gain suddenly spiked after 25 degrees and had a positive exponential increase in additional rpm; more and more rpm increase per degree of timing
  • Around 45 to 55 degrees it suddenly had a negative exponential increase in additional; less and less rpm increase per degree of timing.
  • At 60 degrees, it again experiences a massive increase in rpm.

To reiterate, I was using an XeRun V3.1 and G2 Bandit 10.5t motor. Other esc’s or combos may present different outcomes.



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