YD-2 Front Lower Arms Length

One of the problems of the YD-2 is the changing length (shortening) of the front lower arms when bumped repeatedly or strongly. This changes a lot of things: toe, camber, obviously the track width, and even the ride height if the change in length is drastic. A solution to that is simply putting spacers inside the lower arm to fix it in place and not simply rely on the grub screw to hold it in place. As usual, links to items/tools used at the end of the article.


Here is my friend’s YD-2 Plus after a few weeks of running. See how the arms lengths are different; the left one is at three lines and the right one is at four lines. This probably happened in our last event where there were a lot of drifters with more than a few being new thus some crashes happening.

If you want to be set at the first line, you simply insert 6.5mm worth of spacers. Here I used two 3mm’s and one 0.5mm spacers from Tamiya.




To move one line longer or shorter, just add or remove a 1.5mm spacer respectively. Since I was at the first line, I added a 1.5mm spacer and you can see the result below. 


Our final setting is at four lines. In order to get this, I used a total of 11mm of spacers. That’s 6.5mm for the first line then added another 4.5mm (1.5mm per line). This way, the length of the two arms is consistent and it won’t move in due to collisions.



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